About Us

HornInformant Group is composed of a team of qualified professionals who have diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields related to the Somaliland and Horn of Africa. Our team members have academic qualifications from reputable institutions around the world. The team members also have practical working experience with different organizations in the region, such as governments, NGOs, international organizations, media outlets and private sector entities.

HornInformant Group has a network of contacts and sources in Somaliland and Horn of Africa who provide valuable information and insights to the us. Our network includes local researchers, analysts, journalists, activists, civil society leaders, community elders, religious leaders, businesspeople, and government officials.

HornInformant Group is committed to providing its clients with professional services that meet their needs and expectations. The organization adheres to the principles of integrity, quality, confidentiality and accountability in its work. The HornInformant Group strives to contribute to the development and stability of Somaliland and Horn of Africa through its work.